Who is Mohammad Amin?


Mohammad is an accomplished artist and an interior design engineer with over 35 years of experience. He graduated from the academy of arts in Cairo while working as an artist with theatrical Décor for the National Theater. An amiable person, humble and extremely sensitive, Mohammad Amin is generous with his ideas and shares his creativity with those that appreciate the arts.

He is “in love” with the feelings that good art provides him and of whom his art attracts. He is a fine gentleman who has the ability to connect with anyone he meets. Mohammad has charisma and passion for all things beautiful. He sees beauty and perfection in the simplest objects; in the people he meets and in the places he visits.

His art reflects this deep love and appreciation of all that God creates. He is well known as an expert in Pharaonic art and has created replicas of ancient Egyptian artifacts. He travels all over the world exhibiting his creations that magnify his imagination and Egyptian pride. He enjoys collaborating ideas with other artists, designers and architects. He enjoys designing hotels, restaurants and amusement parks.


His new endeavor is to bring the magnificent Abu Simbel temple to the western world for all to see and experience. Mohammad Amin found his passion for sculpting at a young age of 7. He grew up in Al Haram, Cairo Egypt and loved to fish the Nile with his friends. While his friends were catching fish, he stayed on the shore daydreaming and creating animal sculptures in the sand. His heart was happy and free when he discovered his love of art.

The most influential people in Mohammad Amin’s career are women. His mother, Fatima was a vibrant painter. Mohammad loved to draw with her as she assisted in developing his skills. His paternal grandmother, Morsey was an exquisite Islamic painter who was charged with creating murals inside mosques throughout Imbaba, a village in Cairo.

At the age of 15, Mohammad Amin studied under a woman named Houda where he learned the art of ceramics. He appreciated her criticism as she would develop his skills. She also praised his finished pieces and encouraged him to become a great artist. At the age of 18 he worked under the talented artist Madame Shifkat Eman aka Madame ShoSho.

Working under the guidance of Madame ShoSho was the most influential time of his life. He worked teaching children the art of sculpting at The Center of arts in Cairo under her leadership. She encouraged him to attend the Academy of Arts. She would wait for him each evening after his classes to see his work and to continue to push him. He graduated top of his class. This year was his very first exhibition, in Barcelona, Spain with a group of artist from Egypt this was sponsored by El Ahram Magazine. 


At the Age of 22 years, the wife of then-President Anwar Sadat, Jehan Sadat, attended the opening and cut the ribbon at an exhibition he participated in alongside Hussein El Ezabi in Cairo, at the Sayed Darwish Hall. Madame ShoSho was the wind beneath his wings. His deep love and appreciation for Madame Shosho was so prevalent that when he had his first solo exhibition as an accomplished artist, he insisted that Madame Shosho cut the ribbon on the opening ceremony. 


According to Mohammad Amin, his greatest accomplishment and his greatest treasure is his family. His wife Ahlam and their son Amin, and daughters Noor and Amal are all talented and creative in their art of sculpture, painting and fashion. His Daughter Amal describes her father as, “…one of a kind, there is no one like Mohammad Amin, and no one can be like Mohammad Amin. “The artist is president of Ameen Artworks Group Inc. An American corporation doing business internationally. His studio is located in Al Haram, Cairo.All are welcome to visit.

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